Seacliff Endurance Ride 2019

14th, 15th , 16th June 2019

What they thought of the ride in 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 ...


Big thank you to all involved in making Seacliff such a fantastic event, what a wonderful ride & friendly atmosphere.
See you all next year.


Thank you to all the organisers and your massive band of helpers who were all so happy and helpful. Well worth the long trip from Wales. One of the most stunning rides we've ridden

Thank you to each and everyone involved in the Seacliff ride, it was wonderful!!


What a well organised set-up and ride at Seacliff. Enjoyed the varied terrain & views. Thanks to all the organisers and helpers.

Great ride - really enjoyed it - looking forward to next year!
Thanks to everyone who gave their time - always much appreciated
Thank you all the organisers and helpers at Seacliff today. It was an amazing route - we thoroughly enjoyed. I was amazed that the ground was so good after all the rain and all the horses. And there were loads of gate openers and crossing stewards that just appeared! I had not been to Seacliff before, but now understand why people rave about it. Thank you xx

Many many thanks to all involved in putting on the seacliff ride.  We had a super time. The marking was great, the route lovely and the company fab.  Big smiles all round

We had a fantastic ride at Seacliff, marking was excellent, didnt need to look at the map or talkround much. The ride was amazing, unfortunately not our most successful as a high heart rate on finish, She was back to normal soon after and happy to see the green grass and her pal waiting for her back home A big thank you to everyone involved in making it such a successful event, you have all done a brilliant job.

Huge thank you to all the organisers,helpers,vets and officials at Seacliff today,thought the route rode well despite the deluge in the morning ,New camping/parking/corraling field was excellent and vet gate had plenty space.

Thanks to all concerned in organising the great ride at Seacliff. Had a brilliant first ride there completing 30k, great course, brilliant marking, never referred to the map once,

Thanks to all involved in putting Seacliff rides on this weekend, we had a ball on the 30k route today, amazing tracks and scenery - especially enjoyed the beach! Definitely one of my favourites

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Must say Seacliff is going to be hard to beat. Had an enjoyable day helping yesterday and riding today thank you to all involved.

Thanks to the organisers and helpers at Seacliff. Had a wonderful ride through fields and woods, beautiful estates and of course the beach.




I just want to express my thanks to everyone involved in this amazing ride. The route was awesome, hardly any road work at all, well-marked with wooden arrows, spray paint, laminated signs to ribbons, you guys thought of everything. It always amazes me how these rides are all found and put together. Along with the catering van, Yellow Patch, Art, home baking, toilets, parking, helpers, vets, who were all smiling and happy, the organisation was first class.

I completed 30k, but am in awe of those who complete the longer distances, your stamina and resilience just blows me away, An absolutely fantastic ride, with great weather. WOW outstanding, amazing, superb, awesome, Seacliff has Talent and the X Factor.

I just want to thank everyone concerned who made this ride so much fun for us all this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who made Seacliff happen again. A huge effort for the organisers and helpers. As usual superbly marked, fast, flowing route, well organised, keeping us all looping at different times so you never get caught up in a melee. Great venue. What more can I say?

Had a fantastic ride at Seacliff, can’t get any better, what a blast along the beach. We just had such a brilliant day. More importantly a huge thank you to EVERYONE involved in making this such a successful ride, what an effort you must all put in, it’s so appreciated by everyone of us who ride it. Just has to be the best ride on the calendar, perhaps there should be 2 Seacliffs?

What a fantastic weekend I have had at Seacliff and I have to say a huge thanks to everyone that was involved in getting this together, the marking was superb. I rode the 60ER on Saturday and back out on Sunday for another 56km and had another great day. I will be back next year for sure.


I would like to thank all the organisers, vetting crews, volunteers, route markers, other competitors, and anyone I have missed for making my first visit to Seacliff such an enjoyable experience. I am fairly new to endurance and it was very friendly, helpful and professional! Looking forward to next year.


What a great weekend at Seacliff. Huge thanks to the committee for organising a fantastic ride, all those wide grass endriggs were amazing.


Just to add my appreciation to the organisers/helpers and all the folk we mixed with at Seacliff. AMAZING ride, am SO glad I dragged myself out of the Highlands at long last.


As an FEI rider who has been coming to Scotland for both FEI and National rides for umpteen years, this ride definitely gets my vote. Huge thanks to all involved in the organisation of the ride, congratulations to all successful competitors and commiserations to those who, like me, will just have to come back next year to get round and pass!


2013Fantastic ride at Seacliff yesterday. Rode well and really well marked. Huge thanks to all the organisers and helpers, without you rides couldn't go ahead. 

Total respect to everyone who made this event happen. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work and stress involved, and it all went like clockwork. If there were any hiccups, no one noticed - hope you all enjoyed the celebrations last night. Many congratulations to all who achieved your goals - enjoy the lovely glow which will last forever. Many special memories made for a lot of people.

Well for my very first foray to do a ride with SERC what can I say but FANTASTIC and a very big thank you to everyone who was involved in putting on the ride. We had a wonderful time and made very welcome. The route was absolutely superb with great marking. The views were to die for and we were blessed with good weather.

Thank you very much for a lovely and enjoyable ride. It was a really well marked and the route was very nice too.

And Here 's another huge thank you to everyone involved in making Seacliff 2013 so good, and so much fun.

It was great to see some of the 'big names' in Endurance, and how they do things, and ride amongst them too.

Thanks to everyone involved with Seacliff this weekend, an amazing ride well done for organising such a great event and to all the band of helpers who were on the go from early morning with smiling faces, marking was second to none never needed the map/talkround and had I been FEI wouldn't have had one LOL. It was just brilliant ,many thanks to all.

What a day! Absolutely loved every minute if I could just forget my legs. Great atmosphere, marking was fab and all the stewards etc were so helpful. Was brilliant to be competing against people you only ever read about and the foreign contingent topped it off.

 What a brilliant weekend at Seacliff, thank you to everyone involved with organising and running the ride - a real showcase for what Scotland can do. The route was fantastic, marking perfect and the running of the vet gate and venue was superb. So pleased for everyone who achieved their goals, you all looked wonderful.

Huge thanks to all of the committee for putting on a fabulous ride at Seacliff. I have absolute respect for you all. It was so professional and the route is just fabulous. The mown endriggs were just amazing. In some places just a meter had been mown and you could tell it had been done for the ride. I felt almost guilty riding over it. Mown grass!!!  and then there was the cultivated field...  The farmers have obviously been superb sports.

It was a great experience to be out on course with some of the best in the country and I waved and grinned like a real geek as they flashed by.