Seacliff Endurance Ride 2019

14th, 15th , 16th June 2019

Classes 2019

Friday 14th of June 2019

5pm start pleasure ride 16km (NO beach on this route)

Ride and Run Class for some Friday Fun!  Riders nominate a runner to complete a 5km loop, which is different from the pleasure loop, so could be done by the rider themselves!  Times of horse and runner will be added together and results calculated using French Formula.

Saturday 15th June 2019

Winners sash for all FEI and National classes.

Best Conditions -  All Classes and Rosette.

Class 1 160km ER (Elevator Ride)  SERC 160km Trophy

Class 2 120km FEI** (entry fee £150, non-members £175) 

Class 3  80km FEI* (entry fee £125, non-members £150)

Class 4  80km ER (actual distance 82km)

Class 5  60km ER  (actual distance 63km)

Seacliff GBR FEI Classes 2019: Now available, here is the  link to schedule on FEI Website

2019 Schedule uploaded to this website.

Sunday 16th June 2019

Class 8 60km CR (actual distance 63km)

Class 9 50km CR (actual distance 51km)

Class 10 30km CR (actual distance 35km)

Class 10a 40km CR (actual distance 44km)

Class 11 Pleasure 25km

Class 11a Short Pleasure, 20km (NO beach on this route!)

All ERs have rosettes to sixth place, trophies and many, many prizes from our generous sponsors. Please visit the sponsors page for more details. ALL national classes have Best Condition prize and rosettes.