Marineco Seacliff Endurance Ride 2018

15th, 16th , 17th June 2018

Entries 2018 - information to be updated

National Class Entries

Please enter using the appropriate form, normal entries must be with the Ride Secretary by SUN 3rd of JUNE or they will incur a late entry fee of £5.

For postal entries include a self-addressed A4 envelope with an A4 stamp. Online entries will receive all ride information by email, but must collect vet sheets at the ride.

NB The E160km ER entry fee has been set at tbc for members of SERC/EGB/ILDRA

See the classes page for the list of non FEI classes that will be run

on each day

To enter all non FEI classes online click here 


Entries close 27th May 2018

Click here for the FEI Schedule on the FEI Website when available

Click here for the FEI Schedule as uploaded to this website.  (when available)

Fees for FEI classes

120km**/120km** YR classes are £tbc per horse (£tbc international) and the 80km*/80km* YR classes are £tbc per horse (£tbc international).

How to enter an FEI class at Seacliff

1.     Ensure that both the horse and rider are currently registered with FEI

2.     Complete the International Ride Entry Form or download a hard copy from the SERC website which is in the useful forms section.

3.     All riders should email/contact their NF who will then put the entry onto the FEI system. 

4.     For SERC members – log into Clubhouse, sign up for the class you are entering, and pay the entry fee

5.     For EGB/ILDRA/other nationalities members – contact Lindsay Wilson who will ensure that you are registered on Clubhouse [the SERC ride entry programme] so that you can then have your own login to sign up and pay online for the class you want to enter.  Email: [email protected]

Remember that if there are any changes to your FEI entry e.g. withdrawals or changes of horse then you must advise Martha or your NF so that the FEI entry system can be amended accordingly and the entry show as “true”.

For postal entries:

Please make cheques payable to "SERC" and post with completed entry forms to

       Martha Brett

      1 Paulswell Cottage
      EH46 7BH

      Email: [email protected]


Horses competing at FEI Events must comply with the requirements for Equine Influenza vaccination in accordance with the Veterinary Regulations and as summarised below.

Exceptions to the requirement for FEI equine influenza vaccinations currently exist only for those Horses competing at CNs or CIMs where there are no national requirements for influenza vaccination in both the Event host country and the Horse’s country of origin (General Regulations Article 137).

Entries - Friday Pleasure

Entries - Saturday

Entries - Sunday