Marineco Seacliff Endurance Ride 2017

Entries - Friday Pleasure

  Friday Pleasure  
  Lynda Addis Burnfoot Dante  
 Connie Anderson Snaafi Sarasarnie  
 Susan Arthur Louis II 
  Jenny Baird Wee Bobby  
 Christine Finlayson Katie  
 Tricia Garnett The Silver Phoenix  
 Caroline Hales Ard Shelly  
  Penny Hudson What's Not  
 Rosemary Matthew Crioch Khamsin  
 Rachel McDonald Middleton Tendulkar
 Susan Menelaws Rocco 
 Carol Potter Rhydypandy Olympic Gold 
 Rosemary Sloan One Cool Smokey  
 Audrey Taylor Prince Omar 
 Cheryl Wallace Jumanji 
 Alison Wilson Oakthwaite Nera Stella 
 Alison Ainslie Laucha
 Fiona Penney BJ'S Spirit 
 Kim Willoughby Gudrodur Josef fra Skjoldolfsstodum 
 Heather Morrison Ardis 
 Gillian Murray Bonny 
 Sarah Lovell Emerald Isle Tiffany   
 Neil Paterson Legend (Wildfire)   
 Sarah Bougourd Ruby 
  Helen Temple Thunder
  Karen Inkster Connie 
  Margaret Sherriffs McQueen of Armoury 
  Joyce Finlay Canna  
  Rachel Sykes Nedja du Barthas 
  Denise Murrow Jemima Puddleduck  
  Louise Green Verdi  
  Irene Fazakerly  Forest Pebbles
  Kayreen JonesChapelhill Dee Dee 
  Michelle StevensCasper 

Entries - Saturday

 160km ER (Elevator)   
Jill Calder Silvakhira 
 FEI 120km**  
 Helen McFarland She Stoops to Conquer 
 Georgina Vaughan Vlacq Journeyman  
 Robert Newall Kambel de Fignols  
 Nicola Boud Inchaallah Claddah  
 Babu Singh Lal Singh Salam de Jalima 
  Khet Singh Shetan Singh Castlebar Cadabra
 Bhagwan Singh Inder Singh Aspenview Amir
 Iqbal Alladdin Khan Castlebar Corsair 
 Sumer Singh Bhoojraj Singh DJI'NHA de Fignols
 Jahan Perlyasamy Amandinne 
 Sivapragasham Muthaweeran Tahar du Barthas  
 Mohamed Aida Aotrou el Quibi  
 Bhag Singh Kushal Singh Upercut  
  FEI 80km*  
 Andrea O'Carroll Kildalton Spice 
 Mary Thompson Aspirina
 Lorna Kidson Sheer Bliss  
 Andrea Mitchell Mehdami  
  FEI 80km* (YR)   
 Jacob Morrow Tambo  
 Morgan Skillen The Hollows Diamond  
 80km ER 
 Gemma Cooper Overhall Sharpe Cooper  
 Julie Banks Mill Starlight 
 Diane Warren Trick or Treat 
 Becca MacMillan Coolagoree Glen Thunder 
 Pamela Campbell Bailie  
 Clive Pollitt El Nabab Ibn Lei
 Gill Steven Rocky  
 Rachael Fothergill Royal Olympian  
 Mary Stockdale Cumbria Khafifa  
  60km ER
 Tessa Kilpatrick Aratahnes Phoebe  
 Marion MacDonald 2 Blue 
 Rhonda Brown Craigweil Miss Moon
 Alison Thorburn Phoebe Rose
 Holly Algeo Sir Nunns Lady Samantha
 Heather Sutherland Edi  
 Emma Leigh Clover Fire N Ice  

Entries - Sunday

  60km CR   
 Angela Heidemann Reuben  
 Bernhard Heidemann Harley Davidson Heidemann  
 Shona Peterson Sefras Blue Jewel 
 Morven Walker Tannasg Psyches Gorgeous  
  Jordan Usher Ahan e sia
  Lynsey McLernon Benjamin  
 Denise Murrow Copshawholm Opal  
 Neil Paterson Jasmine  
 Shelley Baird-Clarke Ameera  
 Marjorie Grant Legends Star  
 Fiona Kirk Mr Charles
 Jane Nally Beadnell Rosie 
 Moira Pickering Eisor Zigzak  
 Anne Moss Molly 
 Lesley Sinclair Mr Blue Sky
 Natalie Edwards HS Jibran
 Penny Johnston Jade
 William Shorthose Carla
 Amanda Lister Sparky  
 William Shorthose Jas
 Tricia Garnett The Silver Phoenix  
 Jane Howard Haleys Comet  
 Joyce Hume Little Fenwick Ben Nevis
 Anne Kemp Myrkva from Siamber Wen  
 Emma Lang Duncrahill Shining Star   
 Rhona Matthews Rosie  
 Susan McGeorge Molly  
 Jo McIsaac Summer Time 
 Susan Menelaws Rocco  
 Carol  Potter Rhydypandy Olympic Gold
 Diana Williams Red Ruby 
  Alison Wilson Piecki  
 Helen Woollven Rio 
 Peter Richardson SSOL 
 Fiona Penney BJ's Spirit 
 Frances Love Brynmor Galaxy
 Gill Brittle Holme Park Flirt
 Gillian Murray Bonny
 Karen Inkster Connie 
 Jane Bury Elvingston Jupiter
 Pauline Duncan Puzzle 
 Claire Garnett Rhumach of Duchamis
 Kirstie Graham Arabelle 
 Jackie Henderson  Craigenroe Merlin
 Anne Hollingsworth Sydserff Fennela 
 Alison Huntley Bey Shemali
 Mary Jarvie Mr Redford 
 Linda Lithgow Chevet May Morning  
 Marion MacDonald 2 Blue  
 Sheila McConnell Knockandys Fancy Pants  
 Helen Morris Fjolnir from Pentland Hills  
 Sandra Park Badgershill Birch Wood   
 Sarah Perkins Romeo  
 Pauline Pugh Autumn Ruby 
 Rosemary Sloan One Cool Smokey 
 Audrey Taylor Prince Omar 
 Cheryl Wallace Jumanji 
 Wendy Wilkinson Lisnakill Lottie
 Alison Ainslie Laucha
 Lianna Bourne Moon Light Mystery (Monster)
 Lesley Rankin Montereagh Marianne (Mari) 
  Linzi Shedden Cash  
 Debbie Thomson King 
 Meredith Lott Ollie Lott   
  Kate Higginson Thomas
 Sarah Lovell Emerald Isle Tiffany 
 Julie Hamilton Orrocco 
 Louise Brocklesby Vlacq Sahdah 
 Helen  Wilson Arion Water Colour
  Hollie Simpson Bybeck Knight (Ralph)
 Kerry Simmonds Scole Rockstar
 Katie Simmonds Bethal lowri wyn  
 Isla McAnany Kehakuma 
 Chelsea Scobbie Suzy Sioux (Indie)
 Rachel Murphy Blackjack 
 Katrina  Robb Alfie
 Kathryn Oliver Myste 
 Mary Vernon Bess
 Delia Marriot Ro 
 Venetia Tester Standers Clover Lad 
 Kim Willoughby Gudrodur Josef fra Skjoldolfsstodum 
 Lesley Williams Tess
 Margaret Sherriffs McQueen of Armoury 
 Catriona Willoughby Lyfting from Solva  
  Mari Coyle Zephyr (Derrycloney Buster)  
 Moira Wedel Hreimur  
  Kay Gilchrist Gina  
 Andrea Hood K2  
 Kaye Jackson Dana  
 Jenny Parker Mr Mojo  
 Sarah Grant-Suttie  Scole Vanessa  
 Alison Macdonald Charlie  
 Rachel McAnany Roxy Music  
 Jennifer Hunt Smudge  
 Lucy Munro   
 Jenna Heath   
  Louisa Lucas Diamond  
 Helen Wilson Fox  
 Chiara Clark Trevor  
 Danielle McKinnon Yannee  
 Aimee Kenmuir Paddy 

  Entries  2017

National Class Entries

Please enter using the appropriate form, normal entries must be with the Ride Secretary by SUN 4th of JUNE or they will incur a late entry fee of £5.

For postal entries include a self-addressed A4 envelope with an A4 stamp. Online entries will receive all ride information by email, but must collect vet sheets at the ride.

NB The E160km ER entry fee has been set at £90 for members of SERC/EGB/ILDRA

  See the classes page for the list of non FEI classes that will be run

on each day

    To enter all non FEI classes online click here 



Entries close 27th May 2017

Click here for the FEI Schedule on the FEI Website

Click here for the FEI Schedule as uploaded to this website (Note updated 01.06.17)

 Fees for FEI classes

120km**/120km** YR classes are £110 per horse (£140 international) and the 80km*/80km* YR classes are £95 per horse (£120 international).

How to enter an FEI class at Seacliff

1.     Ensure that both the horse and rider are currently registered with FEI

2.     Complete the International Ride Entry Form or download a hard copy from the SERC website which is in the useful forms section.

3.     All riders should email/contact their NF who will then put the entry onto the FEI system. 

4.     For SERC members – log into Clubhouse, sign up for the class you are entering, and pay the entry fee

5.     For EGB/ILDRA/other nationalities members – contact Lindsay Wilson who will ensure that you are registered on Clubhouse [the SERC ride entry programme] so that you can then have your own login to sign up and pay online for the class you want to enter.  Email: 

Remember that if there are any changes to your FEI entry e.g. withdrawals or changes of horse then you must advise Martha or your NF so that the FEI entry system can be amended accordingly and the entry show as “true”. 


 For postal Entries:

Please make cheques payable to "SERC" and post with completed entry forms to

Martha Brett 

1 Paulswell Cottage
EH46 7BH




Horses competing at FEI Events must comply with the requirements for Equine Influenza vaccination in accordance with the Veterinary Regulations and as summarised below.






Primary Course


1st Vaccination: day 0

(e.g. 1 January)

2nd Vaccination: day 21-92

(e.g. 1 February)

May compete 7 days after the 2nd Vaccination

First Booster

Within 7 months of the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course

(e.g. 1 August)

May compete for 6 months +21 days after the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course

Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a vaccination



MINIMUM: within one year of previous booster vaccination

IF COMPETING: must be competing in the 6 months +21 days of the  previous booster vaccination

Must have been vaccinated within the 6 months +21 days before arriving at the Event

Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a vaccination


Exceptions to the requirement for FEI equine influenza vaccinations currently exist only for those Horses competing at CNs or CIMs where there are no national requirements for influenza vaccination in both the Event host country and the Horse’s country of origin (General Regulations Article 137).