Marineco Seacliff Endurance Ride 2017

Classes 2017

Friday 16th of June 2017

5pm start pleasure ride 16km (NO beach on this route)


Lucky dip £10 Harbro voucher

Crosslaw Carrots lucky bib no.s  (1 bag)


Saturday 17th June 2017

Winners sash for all FEI and National classes.

Best Conditions - Equikro 20% off Vouchers All Classes and Rosette.

Crosslaw Carrots Lucky bib no.s for national classes (3 bags)Lucky dip £10 Harbro voucher

Class 1 160km ER (Elevator Ride)   SERC 160km Trophy 


160km ER       Zilco Side reins, salt or Simple Systems complete feed


Class 2  120km FEI** (entry fee £110, non-members £140) 


1st - Just Chaps vouchers     

2nd - £10 off Just Chaps voucher                

3rd - Tub of Baileys horse treats

Class 3 120km FEI YR** (entry fee £110, non-members £140)



Class 4  80km FEI* (entry fee £95, non-members £120) 


1st - Just Chaps voucher

2nd - £10 off Just Chaps

3rd - Tub of Baileys horse treats


Class 5  80km FEI YR* (entry fee £95, non-members £120)


1st - Just Chaps voucher

 2nd - £10 off Just Chaps                    


Class 6  80km ER (actual distance 82km)


1st- pair of Zilco medium air mesh Chaps

2nd- pair of Zilco medium air mesh Gloves

3rd - £10 Off Just Chaps Voucher

Class 7  60km ER  (actual distance 63km)


 1st- pair of Zilco synthetic stirrup leathers

2nd- £10 off Just Chaps vouchers

3rd- Pimple gloves from Zilco



 Seacliff GBR FEI Classes 2017: click here to view schedule on FEI site.

Click here to download schedule from this website (note updated 01.06.17)


Sunday 19th June 2017

Class 8 60km CR (actual distance 63km)

Class 9 50km CR (actual distance 51km)

Class 10 30km CR (actual distance 35km)

Class 10a 40km CR (actual distance 44km)

Class 11 Pleasure 25km

Class 11a Short Pleasure, 20km (NO beach on this route!)



Lucky dip £10 Harbro Voucher.

Best Conditions - Equikro 20%off vouchers and Rosette, Comp Classes 60, 50, 40, 30.

4 x £10 off Just Chaps Vouchers Performance Formula calculated for all comp classes.

Crosslaw Carrots  Lucky Bib no.s all classes (6 bags).

Tub of Baileys horse treats for pleasure rider nearest to 10km/h

All ERs have rosettes to sixth place, trophies and many, many prizes from our generous sponsors. Please visit the sponsors page for more details. ALL national classes have Best Condition prize and rosettes.